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Health tourism requires legal framework and incentives

Health Tourism requires a legal framework and incentives «Dominican Association of Health Tourism.

Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, President of the Dominican Tourism Association of La Saluda, affirms that the Dominican Republic has undergone important changes in the economic and social order as a result of globalization and that the health sector does not escape this reality.

“Today we see how people move to different parts of the world in search of solutions for their health problems. The key factors that determine which destination they choose are the quality and safety of health services (international accreditations), cost-effectiveness, immediate care without waiting lists and transparency ”.

The scientific, technological advances and international quality standards each time play a more important role to respond to this need and take advantage of a market of more than 70 billion dollars annually.

Because of this, the niche is strengthened year after year in countries that have positioned themselves as safe health destinations, having a growth rate of over 20% per year, so we must organize and conquer a portion of this new niche.

Opportunities for dental medical tourism in the Dominican Republic

Cambiaso concluded by saying that our country requires a health tourism law that encourages modernization, competitiveness, integration, and restructuring of the health and tourism sectors.

“Cambiaso reiterated that this sector provides is a great opportunity aligned with the presidential and national development goals, considering it a priority to promote a government and private strategy for the incentive and use of this figure, making it a new industry for the country that captures investment, foreign exchange, generate jobs and encourage the transfer of technology, knowledge, and research, diversifying and enriching the tourism offer of the Dominican Republic ”.

The Dominican Health Tourism Association favors the best practices of the health and tourism sectors, promoting productive chains, quality, and safety of the provision of services and coordination between public and private sectors to achieve the consolidation of the Dominican Republic as a world-class tourism destination

Source: https://www.adtusalud.org/turismo-de-salud-require-marco-legal-e-incentivos/

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