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Mirex and the Dominican Health Tourism Association agree to promote medical services abroad

Santo Domingo.- With the objective of encouraging foreign investment, job creation and development in general in the country, the Foreign Service will strengthen the promotion of the Dominican Republic as high-quality health and retirement tourist destination, at competitive prices, among citizens of the world suffering from a medical problem.

Such is the purpose of the agreement signed on Tuesday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) and the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), during an event that took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Under the agreement, embassies, consulates and accredited commercial offices abroad will support the activities carried out by the ADTS and, among other commitments, will disseminate the Health and Wellness Tourism Guide of the Dominican Republic, to provide guidance on “medical advances and news of the services and affiliates of the Dominican Health Tourism Association with a view to favoring health tourists with accurate information, ”said the Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas.

By signing the document, together with Adolfo Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the ADTS, Vargas said that diplomatic and consular agents will also be responsible for attracting foreign capital placement in this economic activity, which has “an important transversal effect on the system health and development of the country, by promoting the transfer of technologies and foreign investment.”

He added that such investment of resources in medical tourism and retirement tourism will allow expanding the country’s capacity to provide world-class health services at competitive prices.

In parallel, it will result in the creation of jobs and the revitalization of the real estate sector, since health tourism also impacts the construction industry.

The parties will finance the cooperation activities referred to in the agreement with the resources allocated in their respective budgets, subject to their availability.

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