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World Vision and Humano contribute to eliminating child violence

Santo Domingo May 2019. On Mother’s Month, World Vision joins the Madres Solidarias initiative, from the social responsibility program “Humano de Corazón” (Human by Heart) from Grupo Humano, to raise funds in support of the “We need everything the world to eliminate violence against children.”

Madres Solidarias is an initiative full of positivism, love, and hope that has been growing and showing the solidarity face of the Dominicans, according to the words of Diomares Musa, Vice President of Marketing, Corporate Development and CSR of Humano, during the presentation of the 4th edition of the collection composed of 8 chains that have a representative saying of each one of the foundations that participate.

The spokesperson of the communication campaign that will support the initiative is the communicator Pamela Sued, who since the first edition has added to this noble cause her charisma and sensitivity, the campaign will have the slogan “feel her joy, closer to you.”

For World Vision, being part of the Madres Solidarias 2019 collection represents a great help, since each purchase made by a person helps children from the most vulnerable communities in the country receive support for protection against violence.

The chain is made with a copper and bronze base and three gold sheets of 18, 22 and 24 carats, and an extender to adjust its size. The piece was made and imported from Brazil and designed exclusively by the “Skillus” store, with the star symbol of the organization’s logo that means “hope.”

This design consists of 200 units that will have a retail price of RD$ 1,200 that can be purchased through the website www.humanodecorazon.com

World Vision has been in the Dominican Republic for over 30 years, with the purpose of making a significant contribution to the well-being of boys and girls. During all the years of presence in the country, the focus of the organization has been on the promotion, safety, and protection of the rights of children.

About Humano de Corazón (Human by Heart)

It is the corporate social responsibility program of Grupo Humano, which has the mission of unconditionally supporting the recovery of low-income children affected by diseases of high cost and complexity and permanent living conditions, forging alliances with foundations and prominent institutions in the field of health, returning smiles with full-hearted support.

In the 12 years of the program, they have been able to impact the lives of more than 4,700 children who have sponsored their operations or treatments, or encouraging healthy habits through medical days and educational programs.

Humano de Corazón, with a cumulative social investment of more than RD $ 70 million, has touched the lives of more than 7,000 children through its own actions and the support to those made by the allied foundations.

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