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Arium Health announces first Latin American Digital Health Congress

Experts and authorities from the health and technology sectors will discuss the challenges of the sector to build a joint agenda that promotes the quality standards of health services in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo, July 2019. Arium Health, an information technology services company that aims to raising the quality standards of the health sector, announced the First Latin American Digital Health Congress, this upcoming November 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Santo Domingo, coordinated by the communication and public relations firm AF Comunicación Estratégica, expert agency in Health Communication and Health Tourism.

Fedor Vidal, CEO and Managing Partner of Arium Health USA and world expert in health technology and business, explained that in this meeting there will be keynote lectures, success stories, and panels addressing education, telemedicine, digital technology, digitalization of medical centers, patient empowerment, health population, pharmaceutical sector, among others.

First Latinamerican Digital Health Congress

“This Latin American Congress of Digital Health constitutes a unique scenario to share, update and generate knowledge networks and exchange of good practices, as well as the improvement of processes that allow responding adequately to the present and future needs of the sector, promoting sustainability of the health system”, said Vidal, who served as head of information technology (CIO) for Johns Hopkins Medicine International, leading the global technology strategy.

Recognized experts will analyze the new models in the provision of services, the impact of 5G in health, the future of pharmacology, and the challenges of insurers.

In the same way and to continue to innovate the health sector, panels will be developed about the impact of the digital era on public health and the formation of the new generation of health providers. Moreover, discussions include the digital hospital transformation and the latest trends in diagnostic technology.

The organizers said that this conference is a meeting point for managers and representatives of the health, education, health risk administrators, technology professionals, human resources, image centers, pharmaceuticals, clinical laboratories, telecommunications, and government.

About Arium Health

Arium Health is an information technology services company whose main objective is the commercialization of information systems for the health sector and promotes the raising of quality standards in the provision of health services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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