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The road to the future passes through connectivity

Santo Domingo, August 2019.- Every day there are more applications, technological solutions, and platforms that require shorter response times to operate: from the realization of money transfers to telemedicine. Everything requires data transfer, speed, security, and efficiency.

That is why we say that the future is in connectivity, and the Data Centers are the spearhead in charge of the transfer and interconnection of ecosystems, businesses, and industries that generate large amounts of information. These are essential for the viability of key sectors in the life of the countries, such as the financial, retail, and logistics sectors.

Now, the challenge facing these sectors not only includes the processing of large amounts of information but also includes the fact that this process has faster and more efficient response times, with a minimum of latency or delay between the transmission of information from one geographical area to another.

The speed with which data is transferred from one point to another is measured through latency, which decreases as a function of the distance between the two points.

Therefore, the Data Centers are complemented with infrastructure known as EDGE Data Centers, which strengthens the connectivity of cities with a large influx of information that has connection needs for the benefit of their users, operational efficiency and business continuity.

A clear example of using EDGE is the downloading of content on a streaming platform. If the images take a while to load, (regardless of the internet connection you have), there is a gap due to the distance between the user and the data centers where the contents lie.

By having a Data Center Edge, the data is located in the locality, which allows the user to access them and enjoy them without delay.

The trend we see is a greater interest of cities, companies and organizations to add new services, take advantage of the possibility of a better and faster interconnection, which is undoubtedly a catalyst for local growth that will impact positively.

This is part of our objective in KIO Networks: to offer equipment for mission-critical services, with high availability and efficiency, to guarantee the highest levels of availability in the operation, being allies and business partners for our clients, approaching and giving access new technologies and taking them to the next level in their digital transformation.

By: Santiago Suinaga, Managing Director of KIO Data Center Services

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