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Family Month and a call to tenderness in the family relationship

Santo Domingo, November 2018.- Parenting with tenderness is presented as a path of transformation and restoration to build healthier, more supportive and fair ties, which will contribute to improving the quality of life of the family and of course of society, so Consider the director of World Vision, Juan Carlo Ramírez.

Likewise, affection, healthy, positive, respectful communication and the establishment of limits are fundamental elements that must be contributed in the family, says the family therapist, Rafaela Burgos.

Through the Crianza con Tennura campaign, World Vision Dominican Republic, develops a methodological guide with the objective that tenderness is assumed as an essential element for the upbringing of children, not only in the family nucleus but also in the school and community, with the purpose of creating a collective commitment.

“Parents don’t have to be perfect. It’s about trying to do their best, looking for information, getting advice, but above all, trying to make progress according to what is needed at all times. In families there are stages, it is not the same education as that of a child of three then that of a child of eight, twelve or fifteen, that is why parents have to adapt, ”said Burgos, president of the Center for Development and Constructive Interaction (Cedic).

About the work that World Vision does in the Dominican Republic, Juan Carlo Ramírez explains that they have field offices where projects that address the central problems that affect Dominican children are implemented, “each year we impact 36,000 children on issues of protection of children and education, in territories of greater vulnerability and density of children and youth population, ”he said.

“Our projects are concentrated in the southwest region, the border area and in the poverty belts of the cities, where the most vulnerable population of the country is located,” said Ramírez.

“In World Vision, we seek to transform the quality of life of the neediest based on Christian principles. In the Dominican Republic, we have been working for 29 years, and globally, we have more than 60 years, achieving great results, ”says the director of this humanitarian aid organization.

This non-profit fellowship has 12 Area Development Programs throughout the Dominican territory, and with the Crianza program with tenderness, they address in a timely manner the improvement in family relationships.

According to Ramírez, “according to official studies, six out of 10 children suffer physical or psychological violence in their homes, and in some areas World Vision has proven that this figure can increase to eight out of 10 children, right there we intervene to ensure that that reality changes, ”he said.

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