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FUNDAPEC held 50th anniversary conversation

The APEC Foundation for Educational Credit (FUNDAPEC), as part of the 50th Anniversary commemorative activities, held a discussion that highlighted the contributions, challenges and commitments of educational credit regarding vocational training in the Dominican Republic.

In the activity, which was carried out in Scenario 360, Mr. Franklyn Holguín Haché, Rector of APEC University, Carmen Cristina Álvarez, past president of the Board of Directors of FUNDAPEC and Flora Montealegre, representative of the Inter-American Development Bank, participated as speakers. IDB).

The conversation, under the theme “Educational credit and its contribution to Dominican education”, was presented by the president of the board of directors of FUNDAPEC, Antonio César Alma Iglesias, who expressed his gratitude to all present and stressed that “since 1967 more than 114 thousand Dominicans have benefited from loans and scholarships financed or administered by our institution, but we still have challenges to overcome to continue contributing to national education.”

In his speech, Holguín Haché stressed that “educational credit guarantees full dedication and access to the right conditions to study.

This is what FUNDAPEC has done throughout its 50 years, contributing to the development of Dominican education and providing solutions to families and students who want to have a good education. ”

Carmen Cristina Álvarez also said that there are still many challenges to face in order to make educational credit accessible to the entire population.

Flora Montealegre stressed that the contributions made by the IDB to institutions such as FUDAPEC pursue the objective of contributing to the important task of educating future generations of Dominicans and in this way the country advances in the fight against poverty and inequality.

After the conversation, the participants went to the cocktail to toast for the five decades of the foundation, while delighting in instrumental music.

The hall was decorated with the institutional blue accompanied by the representative golden color of the 50 years. As part of the decoration, the main milestones in the history of FUNDAPEC were placed.

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