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Health tourism requires constant human resources training

Santo Domingo.– The vice president of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), Amelia Reyes Mora, said that for the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination of health progress is required constant training of human resources, development, and investment in infrastructure and modern technology.

She considered that the position of health care personnel must be raised and nurses have greater capacities and empowerment. She explained that human resources are a critical factor in a health system and that the speed with which medicine and technology evolves requires significant dynamism and adaptability.

“Given the impact of the change in the model of care focused on the disease by a preventive model focused on maintaining the health and reality of the global digital transformation, it pushes us to require new capacities, talents and online education platforms, electronic medical records , comprehensive clinical and administrative software, telemedicine, big data and artificial intelligence, ”he said.

In addition, Reyes Mora added that it is essential to modernize the health sector and strengthen the training and strategic planning of human resources accompanied by impact actions that reflect the results in a reasonable time.

Also, have statistics on the installed capacity of the health sector and its different specialties to be able to redirect the training programs of specialists to areas that are in deficit and to plan promptly the human resources of the health sector.

“It is essential to constantly update and raise the quality of service, which is affected by the multi-employment of the staff, physical fatigue, and demotivation,” she said, mentioning the remains of this year in medical tourism, in an interview published by the Resumen de Salud.

Reyes Mora, who is a specialist in communication in health and public relations, said that it is necessary to review the required profile and the recruitment process used, incentive and compensation systems, to improve quality and productivity.

“In the same way, we need to ensure the retention of qualified personnel and be able to capture new talent and international,” said the president of the AF Strategic Communication firm.

She explained that the country should focus on bilingualism, compliance with local regulations, and the achievement of international accreditations. “It is important the implementation and use of adequate systems of evaluation of competences and performance that measure the fulfillment of the objectives assigned to the personnel.”

It favored the joint work of the health and education sector for effective planning. “It is a powerful binomial that working in an integrated way will significantly impact the performance and perception of our health services.”

“The different actors in both sectors, including health centers, unions, associations, educational institutions, and government, need to strengthen coordination and align objectives,” he said.

“In summary, it is essential to create a culture of quality that transcends the personal, institutional and governmental, visualizing a great opportunity through strong public-private partnerships that center the well-being of patients,” he said.

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