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Cleveland Clinic Florida expands world-class medical care

Now available greater access to specialized care areas for more international patients

For more than 30 years, patients are heading to Cleveland Clinic Florida, for exceptional care. It is a first-level academic medical center, known for providing complex care to the sickest patients, throughout the region and the world. To meet the local and international demand for broader access to Cleveland Clinic’s primary and specialized care services, Cleveland Clinic Florida has completed the main elements of its ambitious expansion plan with the opening of a new tower in the hospital and the expansion of emergency services.

“We are excited about the greater scope of the unique Cleveland Clinic model of medicine, which combines patient-centered care with research and innovation to achieve clinical excellence,” said Wael Barsoum, executive director and president of Cleveland Clinic Florida. “This innovative facility is part of our commitment to continue fulfilling our promise to provide first-class care to more patients.”

The hospital’s newly built five-story tower cost $ 232 million, and with its 221,000 square feet, it expands capacity by 50 percent in the top-ranked hospital in South Florida. The addition of 75 beds and critical care areas allows Cleveland Clinic Florida to accommodate significantly more surgical cases, especially high-acuity patients facing cancer, heart and neurological diseases, and those who need organ transplant services.

The Cleveland Clinic Florida Transplant Center is fully integrated with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and is one of the leading heart, liver, and kidney transplant institutes in South Florida, serving in the southeastern United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Since its presentation in 2013, the program has completed more than 800 organ transplants to save lives.

The hospital tower includes an expanded Department of Emergency Services, 24 beds of intensive care units (ICU), 26 medical/surgical and telemetry beds for oncology and intensive care patients, and 24 medical beds for ICU.

Several design elements to support patient safety, comfort and experience include access to natural light throughout the facility to support a healing environment, state-of-the-art hospital beds with visual management tools and nursing stations located between the rooms of the patients. Dedicated computer stations are located in patient rooms so that caregivers provide easy access to electronic health records.

In addition to serving a larger volume of patients, this expansion means that more patients will have access to faster care. It also allows Cleveland Clinic Florida to receive more international patients who are in critical condition.

Overall, this expansion is the last step to broaden the scope of the unique Cleveland Clinic medicine model, which combines patient-centered care with research and innovation to achieve clinical excellence every day.

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