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Institutions unite for the protection of children on the safe use of Internet

World Vision, the Inter-American Institute of Children and Adolescents (IIN) of the OAS, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) and the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONANI) join forces to move towards a promotion policy and protection of the rights of children and adolescents on the Internet.

For which, the first promotion of adolescents of the Intergenerational Network of Multiplier Agents for the Safe Use of Internet (RIAMUSI), a project implemented by World Vision and the IIN, was certified.

Adolescents, teachers, mothers, fathers and caregivers of the La Paz and Herbal Mirabal educational centers, of Villa Mella, and Santiago Hirujo Sosa and Emma Balaguer, of Sabana Perdida, learned skills that certify them as agents in the safe use of the Internet and contributed in the construction of manuals, protocols and procedures to address the issue.

RIAMUSI reduces risks of children on the Internet

Juan Carlo Ramírez, national director of World Vision, said that the RIAMUSI project contributes to the “reduction of the risks to which children and adolescents are exposed and allows to address situations of violation of their rights derived from access and use of the Internet ”

“We firmly believe that together we can ensure that children and adolescents can use the Internet as a tool to access their rights and manage tools to protect themselves from online risks,” said Luis Albernaz, representative of the IIN.

In the activity, the book “Intergenerational Network for the Promotion of the Safe Use of the Internet” was launched, a methodological proposal of World Vision and IIN with a view to making this methodology a public policy.

Indotel-CONANI Agreement

During the meeting, Indotel and CONANI signed a collaboration agreement to work together for the online protection of children and adolescents.

From this agreement, signed by Kenya Lora, executive president of CONANI, and Luis Henry Molina, president of the Indotel Board of Directors, will promote universal access to ICTs, through programs and projects that contribute to the reduction of the gap digital children and adolescents.

Kenya Lora expressed satisfaction with the signed agreement, since, in its opinion, the Internet and the electronic devices used for access, “have become the basis of communication and development, but their responsible use is equally important because it determines on many levels the coexistence in the home and in the society in which our children and adolescents operate ”.

On his side, Luis Henry Molina welcomed the initiative and reaffirmed Indotel’s commitment to promote the protection of children and adolescents, the closing of the digital divide and the healthy use of the Internet, principles that he said he shared fully with CONANI, “in the framework of the National Digital Republic strategy of the government of President Danilo Medina ”.

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