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International Medical Group, first medical center to obtain Canadian certification in the country

International Medical Group Punta Cana (IMG), is the first Dominican medical center to obtain a certification from the Accreditation Council Canada International, as a clinic with design and work policies following Canadian standards.

According to the statements of Dr. Luis Cabezas, International Manager of the Accreditation Council Canada International, this entity is responsible for accrediting private clinics and hospitals outside Canada under the highest Canadian standards and practices, with special emphasis on patient safety and reduction of risks.

Likewise, Cabezas clarified that international accreditation encourages patient-centered care and functions as an external review of risks and appropriate implementation of standards to ensure the efficiency of the processes, the balance of the reputation of the doctor and institution and the attractiveness of the destiny, in addition, of allowing the risks to be identified and reduced so that the reputation of the system is not damaged.

“International Medical Group is in the final phase of construction and is the first health center in the Dominican Republic specialized in medical tourism, strategically located in Punta Cana, the main tourist center of the country, thus contributing to the achievement of the presidential strategy, consisting of attracting approximately 10 million tourists a year, and becoming a point of reference for medical care throughout the eastern region of the DR, ”said Cabezas.

The center has been supported by the Ministry of Tourism and the Foreign Investment Center of the Dominican Republic, as it is the first center for medical tourism, providing first-world care in local territory, which will help to improve the quality of the health services in the area, job creation and technology transfer and knowledge for the area.

The opening of IMG will take place in mid-2016 and will have full services of medical specialties, including among other plastic surgery, bariatric, medical spa, ophthalmology, cardiology, traumatology, dialysis for locals and tourists, emergency, medical imaging department with magnetic resonance imaging, computerized axial tomography and 3D sonography, in addition to having an international department with concierge service, call center, laboratory, modern hospitalization area, ambulatory surgery unit and as well as second opinion programs, telemedicine and special assistance for tourists , retired, executives and hotels.

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