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Machine Learning, the branch of Artificial Intelligence that facilitates our lives

Erika Domínguez – Director of Strategic Planning at KIO Networks

Every time we hear the term Artificial Intelligence more frequently and although for many people it sounds like science fiction, the reality is that it is very developed to the degree that you, reader, surely have used it countless times during the day by day and you are not necessarily aware of it.

Let’s start by defining what makes it possible for this technology to be part of our lives: Machine Learning – a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence – whose main characteristic is the ability to “learn” through algorithms that analyze large amounts of data and generate predictions. The more information you receive, the more refined the algorithm is, and the results are increasingly accurate.

Next, we present you five applications that show that Artificial Intelligence is not just something you see at a movie, and we are so used that we do not imagine living without them.

  • Email. It is the most used applications, both in computers and smartphones. The fact that you do not receive thousands of junk emails or “spam” is because it uses algorithms based on Machine Learning to analyze those words and messages that were previously and constantly cataloged by other users as unwanted content. On the other hand, they are also able to predict the rest of the text you are writing and complete it automatically, suggesting not only words but complete phrases.
  • Streaming platforms: Surely, you have wondered how it is that these types of applications know your tastes and suggest the most appropriate for you; the answer is simple: Artificial Intelligence. Well, these applications have large amounts of data from the content that all users have seen and by statistical methods identify similar consumption patterns.
  • Professional social networks: In this example, you will be able to understand why you must take care of and keep your professional network up to date as these services also use algorithms to define, identify and correlate the offers of thousands of companies with similar characteristics to the profiles of the users: from professional experience, skills, studies, to comments and publications that are shared; The more real and complete the information, the better degrees of compatibility.
  • Image recognition: From smartphones with facial recognition to unlock it, to Internet search engines, they use the Machine Learning algorithm called CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks), which fragment the image thus allowing to detect similar patterns and give a result on the search.
  • Voice assistants: It is increasingly common to have voice assistants that allow you to dictate almost any question or command; in this case, the algorithm recognizes natural language and keywords to give an accurate result. The most common examples are: activate an alarm, perform a search on the internet, play a certain song, learn about the weather, or read the news.

Although there are controversies and thoughts about the use of Artificial Intelligence, the reality is that it is revolutionizing the world, with unimaginable actions in the past. Everything depends on the use we give ourselves.

* This article was developed with a voice dictation that, of course, uses Artificial Intelligence.


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We have 6 Business Units, aimed at serving in strategic areas for organizations such as the administration and operation of IT infrastructure with placement services, managed complex hosting, services in virtualized environments, business applications, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

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