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Saint Joseph School hosted the conference “Understand me mom, understand me dad”

In order to guide and guide parents in addressing issues that allow them to accompany children in their process of growth, development and comprehensive education, the Saint Joseph School (SJS) coordinated the Conference “Understand me, mom, understand me dad ”, Taught by the Family Therapist, Vida Gaviria.

At the conference, the different evolutionary stages of the development of babies, children and young people were reviewed; the characteristics of each stage of development and the regulatory crises that this implies.

Likewise, the family’s life cycles were identified in order to establish realistic expectations that allow fostering autonomy in children and adolescents, avoiding frustration with unreal or inappropriate goals.

Vida Gaviria said that “it is important that parents know the importance of making the decision to enjoy the exciting and unknown journey of parenting, moving away from victimization, frustration, and sadness.”

The specialist explained that “regardless of the physical consequences that directly triggers the aggression caused by physical abuse, all subtypes of abuse result in various disorders. The most frequent consequences we can find are social isolation, aggressiveness, eating disorders, anxiety, learning problems, among others. ”

Gaviria provided respectful alternatives to correct inappropriate behaviors and set limits, at the same time, with everyday examples and practical suggestions, invited parents to exercise empathy that is nothing more than the ability to put themselves in the place of the other and understand what They spend their children, in order to experience a more harmonious, successful and happy parenting. He pointed out his presentation providing details of the different critical situations that may arise at home and offered alternatives to travel through these moments and get stronger from them.

The directors of the Saint Joseph School stated that through this conference, the school wishes to make a contribution to the healthy relationship between parents and children and at the same time foster family harmony.

The conference was attended by dozens of parents of the SJS who expressed their satisfaction with the school for organizing such events.

Saint Joseph School received a Certificate of Quality S+

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