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White therapy, a therapeutic bet in colon cancer

A novelty in cancer therapy

Therapy is a weapon to eradicate the condition in the colon

It is multidisciplinary, so several specialists must participate in it.

Santo Domingo.-White therapy and immunotherapy are among the tools of oncologists to see how they prolong life while providing quality of it to the patient.

Both options are based on attacks on the same cancer cells from their epicenter: the molecules where the harmful cells block the immune system and the effectiveness of therapeutic combinations. They act directly on angiogenesis.

Attached to them, other medications stop against death and physical deterioration of patients with colorectal cancer in advanced states.

Also, traditional chemo and radiotherapy treatments should not be overlooked, in addition to surgery.

Information provided in the country by the Mexican oncologist Elizabeth Escobar Arriaga, who disseminates them with the weight of science, given that it serves to improve life prolongation and its quality in cancer patients.

While visiting the country, the specialist explained that white therapy acts on enzymes and receptors in the block of mechanisms that allow cancer cells to nourish and irrigate to grow and reproduce.

In this therapy the drugs Bavacizumab, Aflibercept, Ramucirumab, and Regorarenib are used. They are oral application. Immunotherapy is another weapon of advance against colon cancer, as it acts on the molecules where cancer cells produce their deadly work.

Dr. Escobar Arriaga, who is an oncologist at the Angeles Pedregal hospital in Mexico City, a revolution that science has immunotherapy.

Cleveland Clinic rectal cancer programs obtain accreditation from the American College of Surgeons

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