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Saint Joseph School received Certificate of Quality S+

The National Association of Child Safety awarded the Certificate of Quality S + to the Saint JosephSchool (SJS), recognition that distinguishes the entity by applying preventive concepts, adapting its facilities, training professionals, families and children in order to avoid Child accidents, in addition to creating a preventive culture in all the agents involved in the education of the child and optimizing educational projects.

The certificate was delivered by the Vice President of the National Child Safety Association of Spain, María Ángeles Miranda and SAFE4KIDS NET, in the framework of the workshop for parents on how to learn to transmit a safety culture without fear.

SJS was recognized with this distinction after passing all the tests to which it was submitted during the visit to the facilities carried out by the evaluators, as well as the interviews with those responsible for the academic institution.

Carmina Peña, Administrative Director of the school, said that having received this quality certification S + reaffirms once again the commitment of the school to quality, and is proof of the optimal management that the Saint Joseph School is carrying out in favor of student development in a safe environment and adequate spaces.

“Prevention is the only effective vaccine to reduce childhood accidents and at SJS we assume our social responsibility to develop effective preventive actions that promote student safety, taking into account that all preventive measures taken should be focused on allowing child development combining environmental adaptation and education in risk identification, ”said Ms. Carmina Peña.

Saint Joseph School hosted the conference “Understand me mom, understand me dad”

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