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World Vision certifies 46 people on Children’s Rights and Political Advocacy

Ucateba and World Vision certify 46 people in Diploma on Children’s Rights and Political Incidence

Barahona, August 2018.- World Vision and the Barahona Catholic University of Technology (UCATEBA) certify a total of 46 people in children’s rights and political influence.

This diploma was aimed at strengthening the fundamental skills and knowledge of the participants regarding the framework of children’s rights and strengthening their commitment to implement these theories and practices in all the spaces where they intervene.

The participants in this diploma are representatives of community institutions and organizations in the southwest area and are part of Municipal Directories, Protection Networks, Local Boards, representatives of educational centers, and other entities linked to the protection of children.

The implementation of this diploma was developed under the signing of the collaboration agreement between the Catholic Technological University of Barahona (UCATEBA) and World Vision. Teaching began on May 10 and ended on August 23, for a total of 90 hours of teaching at the university facilities.

World Vision impacts more than 35,000 children, adolescents, and youth in the communities where they work directly, in at least ten provinces of the country.

Also, it contributes through this diploma so that leaders and authorities of the communities of Neyba and Tamayo have a greater understanding and awareness of the legal frameworks of protection and public policies of children, incorporating such learning into interventions and services to children in their respective communities.

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