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World Vision coordinates Early Childhood Bureau in the Consultation to SDG 4

Santo Domingo, December 2018.– World Vision, as part of the organizations that ensure the well-being of children, participated in the “Consultation to SDG 4. The education we want for Sustainable Development 2030”, coordinating the Early Childhood table and Initial Education.

An initial diagnosis to identify the challenges of families to access the educational centers are among the proposals emerged at the discussion tables, from which actions can be focused according to the diversity of challenges found in the diagnosis ; the strengthening of the capacities of the trainers and the trainers of initial level and the monitoring of the impact of the programs.

The strengthening of measures that allow the permanence of teachers at the initial level was defined as a priority and emphasis were placed on the community as a reference element in the development of educational goals, being necessary to integrate families and engage them with spaces of training and service networks.

The meeting was organized by the Dominican Initiative for Quality Education (IDEC) and brought together multiple civil society organizations and other actors to analyze the progress of education based on the analysis of the goals proposed in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education. Education 2017-2020.

World Vision, as part of the Socio-Educational Forum, led the discussion around the goals proposed in early childhood and early childhood education, after different actors presented the current situation and the indicators of the progress of the goals proposed by the State through the responsible institutions.

During the meeting, it was insisted that quality is the great challenge, beyond the coverage goals that, according to the indicators presented, have exceeded expectations in many cases.

In the Dominican Republic, World Vision impacts more than 35,000 children, adolescents, and youth in the communities where it works directly, in at least ten provinces of the country. Part of its strategic objectives is to demand and promote public policies for inclusive and quality education for Dominican children.

World Vision is an international Christian organization for humanitarian aid, development, and promotion of justice, dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to reduce poverty and injustice. Serves all people regardless of race, religion, ethnic group, or gender.

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