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Competition rules for the 2nd edition of the Bayer Journalism Award


Bayer journalistic award to



Recognition of the best journalistic works in the area of Innovation applied to Sustainable development

  1. Responsible company:

1.0 “Bayer Journalistic Award for Innovation for Sustainable Development”, in its second edition, is an activity organized by the Bayer company, which recognizes the work of journalists who carry out their work not only in the educational field but also at educating and sensitize the population on fundamental issues such as sustainable development.

Participation Period:

2.0 The journalistic works published between the first (01) of March of the year two thousand fifteen (2015) and fifteen (15) of February of the year two thousand sixteen (2016) participate in Dominican news media of communal, national or regional scope in the Dominican Republic, whether radial, written, television, or digital.

2.1 Limit period for the reception of journalistic works: April 15 of the year two thousand sixteen (2016) until 5:00 p.m.


3.0 All journalists who, during the period indicated in point 2.0 of this regulation, have published works whose contents are consistent with the subject, in national or regional media in the Dominican Republic, related to innovation may participate in the Journalistic Prize in response to widespread environmental problems.

3.1 Participation in this Prize is excluded from all employees who participate in the development and implementation of this Prize.

3.2 You must accept and comply with the content, scope, limitations of the Prize, as outlined in this Regulation.

Award Mechanics:

4.0 To participate, journalists who wish to do so may do so as follows:

4.1 Journalists interested in competing may apply for their work whose contents focus on the following topics:

Sustainability (notes and research on innovative ways to protect the environment)
Projects that impact the community (social initiatives that promote a better life)

4.2 The focus of the notes and journalistic genres used can be varied, as long as they are aligned with the theme: Innovation for sustainable development.

4.3 Works must be in Spanish.

4.4 Each journalist may submit a maximum of two (2) papers for evaluation.

4.5 Printed, audio or audiovisual works must be submitted in a sealed envelope with four (4) identical copies of the original work published. The envelope should be addressed to the Corporate Communications Department of Bayer SA or the coordinating agency AF Strategic Communications, at Mustafá Kemal Ataturk Street No. 39, Center One Building, Suite 401, Naco Expansion, National District, Tel. 809-473- 4541 or at the Bayer offices located on Luperón avenue corner February 27, Herrera Industrial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo

Tel. 809-530-8086.

4.6 This envelope must indicate the date of publication, name and surname, the medium where the note was published, telephone, and email.

From the Qualifying Jury

5.0 The nominated works will be evaluated and selected by a Qualifying Jury composed of three people, who may be Dominican or foreign, who must have recognized experience in the field.

5.1 The Qualifying Jury will be composed as follows, namely:

Known journalist representing the guild.
A representative of some science and technology entity in the country.
A representative of the entity that groups journalists in the country.
From the evaluation of the Qualifying Jury

6.0 The members of the Jury will evaluate the nominated works based on:

Criteria for journalistic performance such as news value (impact, relevance, proximity, current affairs);
argumentation (depth, precision, contextualization);
balance; use of sources (number, quality, and diversity);
style (mastery of the journalistic genre, synthesis, amenity, clarity);
successful use of complementary material (photos, graphics, and infographics);
novelty and relevance of the topic covered:

6.1 The Qualifying Jury will select the works during April of the year two thousand sixteen (2016), and the winners will be announced during May of the same year.

6.2 The winners will be announced on the same day as the award, so all participants will be invited by telephone and digital to attend the event.

Of the Awards

7.0 Three categories will be awarded, namely:

Research report (Works over 1 page or 1 minute)
Web Notes (Notes that leverage web qualities to attract readers)
Daily notes (Maximum works of 1 page or 1 minute)

The winner of each category will be rewarded with an iPad and recognition badge.

Restrictions, conditions, limitations of the Prize

8.0 Voluntary participation. Participation in the Prize is voluntary. Therefore, the single act of presenting the work for evaluation shall be understood as the manifestation of will and acceptance by the journalist of the conditions and restrictions of these regulations.

8.1 The rights of journalistic works. Participation in the Contest implies the transfer and express authorization of all intellectual property and image rights on the work submitted so that the participant transfers to Bayer, the exploitation rights of intellectual, industrial and / or image nature that may correspond or derive from the work submitted to participate in the Prize.

8.2 Bayer, for its part, undertakes to indicate the name of the author each time the work is used, always following the limits of the assignment included in these regulations.

8.3 Data protection. Participants authorize that the registered personal data be used exclusively for the journalism contest. The participants, meanwhile, guarantee that the personal data recorded is true.

8.4 Right to reserve the competition. Bayer reserves the right to discard and exclude journalists who:

When they register with false data, or some indications could reasonably lead to think that the data is inaccurate. For these purposes, participants may be required to verify their data if they consider it appropriate;
When, in any fraudulent or artificial way, they manipulate their participation in the Prize;
When the jury believes that journalistic works contain elements that in any way can be regarded as contrary to fundamental rights and public liberties, induce, incite or promote criminal, denigratory, violent or, in general, contrary to the law, the law moral and generally accepted good customs or public order; are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the participant having previously obtained from their owners the necessary authorization to carry out the use they make or intend to make; is contrary to the right to honor, personal and family privacy or to the image of people; in any way impair credit of Bayer or third parties; it may constitute advertising, or that incorporates viruses or other elements that may damage the normal functioning of the network, system or computer equipment;
When this regulation is violated, good faith, cooperation, and loyalty.

8.5 Exemption from liability Bayer is exempted as a responsible company, concerning the participant’s failure to comply with any guarantee regarding intellectual, industrial or image property rights, as well as any liability that could derive from the breach or defective compliance by the participants in the Contest of these Rules.

8.5.1 No prize is negotiable, tradable or redeemable for cash.

8.5.2 Bayer’s commitment is to deliver the prize. Each winner accepts the models, colors and other specifications of the corresponding title.

Bayer will not interfere in the manner and in the time in which the Participant makes his prize effective. Bayer, upon delivery of the prize under the conditions set forth herein, is released from any liability under these Regulations and the Prize.

8.5.3 Each winning Participant must sign a letter accepting the receipt of the prize, accepting all the limitations, specifications of the prize, which implies the obligation, to know the conditions of participation, as well as the conditions, limitations, specifications, and responsibility, not only of this Regulation but those that under this same document entails the claim and acceptance. With the receipt, the winning participant will release Bayer from any responsibility. If the client does not sign the receipt, the prize will be waived. If deemed necessary, Bayer will issue a Notarial Act.

8.5.4 Bayer is not responsible for transport costs or any other type that the Participant must incur to take and / or cash his Prize.

8.5.5 The Prizes have the characteristics, guarantees, and limitations of each article. Bayer will inform customers who are the guarantor for each of the prizes.

8.5.6 Any claim or query regarding the uses and / or guarantees of the prizes must be made directly to each supplier or manufacturer’s representative, not at Bayer under the previous clause.

8.5.7 The Participant is solely responsible for fulfilling all the steps to follow for the correct use of the prizes, according to the instructions for the use of each product.

8.5.8 Each Participant will be responsible for the use and enjoyment of his prize from the moment he enters into possession of it. Bayer is relieved of any liability arising from any inconvenience or problem that may arise from the use of the prize, either by the Participant or any third party, as well as any damage caused by the use and enjoyment of the item.


9.0 Bayer may modify any of the conditions of this Prize at any time during the course of this, limiting its responsibility to modify these Regulations and display the modified version of this on the Website www.centralamerica.bayer.com


10.0 Bayer reserves the right to suspend the Prize temporarily or permanently without liability if it detects irregularities that could jeopardize its image or could affect its commercial interests in the Prize.


11.0 Bayer may terminate the Prize at any time without indicating any specific cause for such termination. The Prize will be terminated when Bayer communicates it on the Website https://www.centralamerica.bayer.com and, therefore, is not obliged to make, before or after the completion, any additional communication.


12.0 If a participating journalist requires additional information or consult any aspect of the Prize, you can contact Carolina Murillo in Corporate Communications of Bayer carolina.murillo@bayer.com or in the coordinating agency AF Strategic Communication to the following people: Amelia Reyes Mora, areyes@afcomunicacion.com or Milagros Soto, medias@afcomunicacion.com

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