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Do you have a company? Migrate it to the cloud!

By: Luis Enrique Sánchez, general director of Wingu

Cloud solutions (Saas or IaaS) are one of the most important allies for organizations of any size to start their digital transformation process, as it allows them to take advantage of technology to streamline their processes and be more productive.

According to the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) study in the Dominican Republic, performed by the Microenterprise Financing Fund, the country’s MSME’s employ a total of 2,166,491 people, representing 46.2% of the country’s economically active population and 54.4% of the total employment of the country’s economy. Therefore, if companies want to guarantee their business success, they must innovate in the workforce, technology, and production, offering products according to the needs of the environment, all in a strategy that covers all the edges.

Also, one of the main barriers to the digitalization of processes is that companies consider it to be an expensive and short-term investment, which will require adjustments as they achieve their objectives; Therefore, it is important to ask some questions such as:

  • Does your company have a web page and a business email?
  • Do you store the information on your hard drive or other devices such as USB or external hard drive?
  • Have you had or have multiple copies of a single file because someone on your team needed the information to do their job?
  • Do you have confidential information that should be protected and backed up?
  • Do you need to keep track or monitor the information and changes that are made?

If you felt identified with more than aspect, it means that your company is ready to have a solution with Cloud technology.

Being in the Cloud represents an opportunity to access agile, collaborative, and tailored solutions to share or work documents, keep confidential information in a safe place, or manage large amounts of data.

The Cloud has certain characteristics that it aims to contribute to a better performance of companies: it is self-service, that is, a plant technician is not necessary: ​​users can upload, download, copy or modify their information according to their needs ; 24/7 access, data is always available, only an internet connection is required, regardless of the user’s location; availability, the information can be edited or modified in real-time and permits or restrictions may be granted to company members; it is expandable, the storage capacity can be expanded or reduced, depending on the needs and measurable regarding how much of the storage is in use.

Precisely, these characteristics allow companies to have access to technological solutions that allow them to improve efficiency, save time, and store their information efficiently, so they must take into account:

  • Assess needs: The Cloud is a service to which everyone has access, and it is necessary to evaluate the storage and use of information need to determine the ideal option required, storage as a service or back up as a service.
  • Rethinking processes: A software solution as a service (SaaS) of Google Gsuite or Microsoft O365, allows strengthening initiatives such as the home office, with the confidence of enriching a collaborative approach, in which – regardless of where the users are – they can work jointly data, information folders or whatever is necessary.
  • Private cloud or public cloud? It depends to a large extent on the amount of information that is generated, the sensitivity in matters of confidentiality or security, the need they have in a volume of transactions or customers, the immediacy of the information, and – very important – the interest of having or not IT infrastructure. In fact, there are increasingly more sophisticated technological architectures that mix both approaches, generating Hybrid Clouds.

It will be vital for organizations to have a cloud strategy and a technology advisor to accompany them on the journey towards digital transformation.


We are one of the most innovative Information Technology companies in Latin America, founded in 2002 with 100% Mexican capital. We provide Critical Mission Information Technology Infrastructure Services that operate 40 state-of-the-art Data Centers, with the highest security, availability, and density in the region, with a presence in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Spain.

Also, we offer integrated IT services and solutions, both for the public and private sectors, supported by methodology, processes, tools, and certified personnel to provide the most rigorous levels of service in compliance with global standards.

We have six Business Units, aimed at serving in strategic areas for organizations such as the administration and operation of IT infrastructure with placement services, managed complex hosting, services in virtualized environments, business applications, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

KIO Networks symbolizes the essential elements of duality and redundancy, core components of the company’s services.

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