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Duracell: providing unlimited family fun

Duracell, one of the world’s leading battery companies, drives the game this holiday season to foster family integration and respond to the requirements of toys that demand a lot of energy.

Santo Domingo.- In order to create moments of fun, Duracell, the world’s largest battery manufacturer and its local representative Distribuidora Corripio, held a year-end meeting for the enjoyment of representatives of the media, customers and related.

At the event held at the facilities of the Agora Mall Cinema Palace, the public enjoyed the presentation of the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Cristina Cardona, Brand Communications Manager of Duracell in Latin America, explained that, with more than 50 years of innovation, Duracell has been adapting its products to the needs of consumers and their favorite toys, which are increasingly smarter and demand more energy.

On the other hand, Cristal León, Brand Manager Fabric Care / Batteries of Distribuidora Corripio, said Duracell is the manufacturer of the highest performance batteries, and that with its alkaline technology it allows toys to last longer while keeping Dominican families happy.

These batteries are designed to be the heart of devices that demand a lot of energy, such as high-performance toys. Undoubtedly, the secret of the success of Duracell lies in its optimized design, which contains more active materials than ordinary batteries, allowing toys to work better for longer.

Duracell understands that for children, toys are not inanimate objects and that when they work at their best, they open the door to a magical world full of fun. For this reason, Duracell recommends that, if toys are on the holiday gift list, be sure also to include alkaline batteries.

About Duracell

Duracell has been providing energy to people around the world for more than 50 years. Our products become the heart of electronic devices, keeping people connected, allowing them to enjoy their favorite activities, protecting their families, and simplifying their constantly moving lifestyle.

As a world leader in the manufacture of high-performance alkaline batteries, Duracell also innovates in the areas of renewable energy and wireless charging technology to help consumers live their lives without limits.

The collaboration between Star Wars and Duracell began in 2015. To celebrate the release of the film, Duracell has collaborated with LucasfilmTM in the production of a high-impact television commercial and a powerful digital media campaign in Latin America.

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