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Innovations in the medical class insurance market

Santo Domingo. – Every day health services become more competitive and patients become informed consumers, with high levels of expectations, aware of their rights and demanding when judging the competencies of a health professional or the coverage they receive of your medical insurance.

Given this reality, new challenges and products arise and we wonder what is the future of the insurance sector?

That is why in the framework of the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, organized by the Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS) and AF Strategic Communication, the panel “Innovations in the Insurance Market” will be developed, in which they will participate Carlos Romero, Executive President of MultiSeguros; Andrés Mejía, Executive Vice President and General Manager of ARS Palic Salud; Zhaira Guadalamar, general manager of ARS Universal; José Zapata, executive vice president of Humano Seguros, under the moderation of José Manuel Vargas, president of the Dominican Association of Health Risk Administrators.

The Executive President of MultiSeguros, Carlos Romero, explained that in every medical act there are multiple variables that affect its outcome, from technical personnel, facilities, equipment, pre and post-procedure care, therapeutic adherence, among other variables. This is why programs to strengthen the quality of care and guide patients regarding their expectations and risks are very important, as well as adhere to clinical protocols and use informed consent, he says.

Romero added that innovative services from the insurance sector also emerge that become allies of the medical class in situations such as claims to specialists and clinics, equipment damage, offices or situations that result in disability or death.

He said that the presiding company offers solutions to these types of problems through its services, among which is the Medical Professional Civil Responsibility Policy, addressed to Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Diagnostic Centers.

In addition, the company has the Policies for the protection of the personal and professional heritage of the doctor, such as Comprehensive Household Policy and Medical Office.

He informed that the panel of Innovations in the Insurance Market will take place on Friday, September 7, where they will be released firsts of the main medical insurances of the Dominican Republic.

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